About Us

About the School

Welcome to Dark Horse Country! Sunset Avenue School is the home of the Dark Horses. Third, fourth and fifth grade students in the Clinton City Schools district attend Sunset Avenue School. Mrs. Nicole Carroll is the principal of Sunset Avenue. Mrs. Nicole Boykin is the assistant principal.

Mission and Vision Statements

Sunset Avenue School

Goals for Success

Motto: Reaching for the stars at Sunset

Mission: Our mission is to educate all students to their highest level of academic performance and to prepare them to become productive members of society.

Vision: The learning environment in Clinton City Schools will be exciting, inviting, involved, flexible, and unified to meet the diverse needs of students, educators, parents, and the community.

SAS Focus: Teaching and Learning to meet the needs of students, educators, parents, and the community.

The following objectives have been identified as improving teaching and learning as well as the safety of the school:

  1. Place a Smart Board in the science lab.

  2. Employ a reading teacher.

  3. Become a wireless school.

  4. Replace computers in computer lab.

  5. Place awnings at bus and gym area.