Welcome to PTSO!

The Parent Teacher Student Organization (PTSO) is organized to combine efforts to support and enrich educational opportunities for students at our school. The PTSO of Sunset Avenue School, is made up of all of those who care about a quality education and experience for our students. The relationships within the school community, which includes students, families, and staff, are a vital influence on the success of our children’s futures. Therefore, our purpose is to foster open communication and a sense of support, pride, enthusiasm, and excellence for the educational process. The PTSO specifically raises funds to support activities, events and special needs that may not be covered by traditional education budgets.

Join Us

Becoming a member has many advantages including a way to better connect with other parents, stay informed on what is happening at the school, support education opportunities and receive PTSO email communications. We desire to have all staff, students and student families become PTSO members. All staff, parents, students and other family members are encouraged to join. Membership dues are $5.00 per member per school year.

PTSO membership enrollment forms are available at the school office or you can email Sunset PTSO to request a membership enrollment form. We encourage all PTSO members to participate in our meetings and events throughout the school year. Becoming a PTSO member does not mean that you must volunteer, but volunteering is a great way to connect with other Sunset Avenue parents and the staff.

You can also keep updated by liking our Facebook page.

PTSO Team Leaders
2023-2024 School Year

President: Alexis Coleman

Vice President: Iesha Dumpson

Secretary: Kristen Stafford

Treasurer: Anna Bell

Fundraiser Chair: Melissa Bass

Feel free to contact by email Sunset PTSO if you have any questions or concerns.